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Virtual library to preserve the past and enlighten present and future generations.

Almost all print publications from WatchTower Corporation from 1865 to today.

More than 200 gigabytes of data on over 10,000 downloadable archive documents.

WATCHTOWER WAYBACK invites you to a journey through the official records of the history of Jehovah's Witnesses that you can carry out the investigation and bring together decisive elements in an approach to help followers. WATCHTOWER WAYBACK aims to bring together all Watchtower publications (books, magazines, brochures, leaflets, press releases ...) from its beginnings (in French and also in English), as well as to collect confidential correspondence between World Headquarters and as well as making available numerous administrative, legal and financial documents (generally available after competent official authorities), supplemented by summary tables on essential points of doctrine. With few exceptions, this space does not collect what has been written about the Jehovah's Witnesses, but what was written by the Watchtower society. WATCHTOWER WAYBACK can therefore rightly be regarded as a vast private digital library with a specific focus on access to works which, despite their free distribution and / or their passage through the public domain because of their age, are only under the efforts made by the Watchtower organization to make them unavailable to the eyes of its faithful whose control it wishes to keep control of the information they assimilate.

Available documents are presented for clarity in the form of a tree. Their free access is made on request to the administrators of the site. Why ? Watchtower society has set up a copyright litigation system, which informally allows it to preserve its credibility with followers. This safety measure is therefore necessary. Associations, individuals involved in individual and family protection cases and members of legal departments or lawyers such as judges and lawyers have privileged access to all archived documents, by presenting a simple justification of the use that will be made of it. And more generally, anyone who wishes to do research on the Watchtower society will find here a vast public library in which it can draw at will, so that nothing is hidden from the common people..

The administrators of this space of information, which are totally independent of the Watchtower society, express the wish that the word TRUTH can find its original definition: the match between reality and the man who thinks it.