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Thanks to the collaborators

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Written by Robert Alard no comments

Without the hard work of the collaborators and the former administrator of the website, Frédéric Bellec, this library would not exist. There has been a de facto colossal job of scanning hundreds of documents, page by page, into Acrobat PDF documents as well as collecting many photos, film, video, WT-Library software, and so on.

Untold hours were required for the creation of the first website under WatchtowerWayback.org, maintaining the online library on the internet, equipment, web hosting, all for free, from Frédéric.

It gives us the immense pleasure to cede the succession and to ensure the durability of this library so precious of a printing company that tries in spite of itself, to erase the traces of its past, which is a disturbing source of errors, misleading and illusory teachings, embezzlement, lies, contempt, false expectations, dictatorship, even alienation from the members of the congregations that support it.

Let this library be spread throughout the world, helping many Jehovah's Witnesses to open their eyes and free themselves from the watchtower of the Watchtower Society by becoming free.

On behalf of JW-Wayback, thank you again for your time and dedication.